7 Toxic Houseplants that are Dangerous for Children


Toxic Houseplants that are Dangerous for Children


Having plants around the house if one of the most recurrent decoration tricks around many countries of the world. It is nice to have plants around if you don’t mind the insects that eventually will make them their home or if you take real pleasure in the mornings watering routines. But if you have children beware for not all houseplants are suited for kids. There are poisonous plants that definitely should stay far away from kids, and I’ll talk about some of them below so that you can make your house or apartment a safer environment for your precious children.

Toxic Houseplants that are Dangerous for Children


Dieffenbachia is also commonly called Dumb Cane. These plants may look nice because of their green and white (or dark and very light green) combination, but if you look carefully at them they’ll strike you as scary, as if they are trying to warn you about the dangers that lie within them.


I’ll give you one of the most valuable tips you’ll ever receive regarding poisonous house plants: Pay attention to the colors. There are caladiums for example that are green and purple, and there are caladiums that are green, whitish and purple (or dark pink). It is evident there’s something wrong about those combinations, it is evident that they mean danger. Do not close your eyes for obvious warnings.

Devil’s Ivy:

Another valuable tip I’ll give you is pay attention to the popular name of the plants. Do not despise popular wisdom. If a plant is called Devil’s Ivy by the common folk be sure that it’s not an inoffensive piece of vegetation. If this plant weird appearance is not enough to alert you, let its name be the alert.

Calla Lily:

Calla Lily is one exception to the rule. It doesn’t seem dangerous at all, its name doesn’t indicate anything potentially problematic and the thing is not even ugly. It’s not beautiful also, but still, nothing seems to be wrong there. There are no warnings.Well there’s my warning, keep your kids away from it.


The message Narcissus conveys is a subtler one. It is a beautiful plant indeed, even its name sounds nice to the ears but can’t you see the mysterious glow that surrounds it? It’s calling you to the underworld. And if you take a moment to think about it you’ll see that its popular name is actually a bad omen, for the Narcissus of Greek Mythology drowned pursuing his own beauty and his death gave origin to this flower.

English Ivy:

Take a good look at an English Ivy and you’ll see the danger. Don’t put it in your house if you have kids. Remember those combinations I’ve mentioned earlier.Arrowhead plant:

Again we have the white and green combination that we’ve learned can be lethal. Plus, look at its name. Yes, the plant kind of look like an arrow, but try to remember what arrows do. That’s right, they kill, especially if they pierce someone’s heart. Have you noticed that some leaves of this plant have the shape of a heart instead of an arrow?